“I like having someone who constantly pushes me to get stronger. My strength has increased tremendously since I started working with Brendon.  I like how many different types of exercises I've learned with each muscle group. You don't have to keep doing the same ol’ routines to get good results. It's never boring!

I feel incredibly strong and have alot more confidence in myself than I ever have.  I have more energy and more endurance.  I had a previous injury that doesn't control my life anymore and very rarely even bothers me now.

Brendon is incredibly conscious of my prior injuries and never pushes me to do anything I'm uncomfortable with. He is dedicated to his clients and is friendly and incredibly approachable. He is open to suggestions and feedback, and has become more than a trainer, but a friend.”

- Dawn M., client since 2011.

“My favorite part about having a trainer is that it keeps me motivated and having a scheduled time to show up keeps me from blowing off my workout. I also don't need to think about what I am going to do. I get there, I am told what I need to do and I see results.  

I have worked out with many trainers over the past 7 years but I prefer Brendon because I always feel comfortable working out with him. I can tell him how my body is feeling on any given day and he tailors my workout to meet my needs, yet I always leave feeling like I have accomplished something. I also feel that we have formed a great trainer/client relationship. I consider him a friend and a trainer. He has helped me with my dietary concerns and worked with my previous injuries to help me see results.

Since I have been working with Brendon, I have not only lost weight but I have seen a change in how I carry weight. I am definitely stronger and I feel better.  My anxiety levels are also lower. I would definitely recommend Brendon to my friends.”

- Nicki S., client since 2011.

“Working with a trainer keeps me motivated throughout the week, and holds me accountable to myself and our agreed upon goals.  Brendon has helped me see the potential in myself even when I can't see it.

Brendon has a great outlook and even though he pushes me, he always listens to my concerns/issues and we figure out how to work around them. Over the years we have forged a great "working relationship" and I've seen him grow in his field, which I love!! It's wonderful to see not only his growth but mine as well.

Overall I've lost between 20 to 30 lbs but I've more so increased my strength and stamina, my form and abilities have greatly improved as well. My energy level is much better than when I started back in 2011 which helps me on a daily basis in work and "real life.”  Brendon has also helped me through several work related injuries and some health issues/surgeries that normally would have greatly impeded my progress.”

- Lisa L., client since 2011.

“I have been working with Brendon for over three years. This in itself is important as prior to this, I had a very difficult time staying committed to a regular exercise program. Brendon’s positive energy and dedication to his clients is self-evident. As a result, I am motivated weekly to go to sessions and work towards my fitness goals. Brendon listens carefully to the needs of his clients and works with them to meet identified goals. I have achieved many of my goals including weight loss (down 16 pounds) and increased strength and tone. The sessions are positive and Brendon takes the time to personalize every work out. Brendon is also very knowledgable about overall health goals (nutrition, lifestyle choices) and this too has been invaluable. Brendon offers a unique service that allows his clients to stay committed to better health.  

- Gina C., client since 2012.

My favorite part about having a trainer is the motivation that they bring to achieving your goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With that being said, as a trainer, Brendon brings a great deal of knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm to each session. He works with the individual needs of the client to make sure they leave being satisfied and a smarter athlete. Throughout the 3 years he has been my trainer I have seen my body grow in strength and endurance. It has also given me that extra energy I need during the work day. My stamina during workouts has increased, which has helped me to push through each rep and session. My physique has also changed with ample muscle growth that continues to be a building block.

For me, I prefer an exclusive session. Being one-on-one with a trainer works better for my schedule and it holds me more accountable during my workout. I also enjoy being in a single space and not in an overcrowded gym with everyone watching and using machines.”

- Eugene H., client since 2012.

“Having a personal trainer is the best. A trainer motivates me and pushes me farther than I would ever push myself.

Brendon is an excellent trainer. He is stern when he needs to be and pushes me to my limit, but he also teaches me the correct form I need for my exercises so that I do not hurt or strain myself. I always feel great after my workout.

I have lost inches off of my stomach and legs, and I feel much stronger. I also have more energy during the week after training two to three times a week. It is wonderful. I have more energy and feeling toned, motivates me to continue a regular workout routine.  

Brendon is a dedicated trainer who cares about the people he is training. He will make sure to show you good form. Brendon is also very aware that if someone has an injury, he will modify an exercise so that person will not further injure him or herself.”

- Nicola C., client since 2011.