We heard you want to get started! Please contact Brendon directly to schedule your free 1-hour consultation where we go over your fitness goals in depth and begin working together on creating a course of action, specifically designed for you. Following the consultation, there are several session options available, as detailed below.

All sessions will be scheduled with Brendon. Feel free to get in touch with any questions! 

Free 1-Hour Consultation

All clients receive a free 1-hour initial consultation including a 30-min assessment and a 30-min workout, in addition to the C-Suite Interview process. 3-Month commitments are required in order to achieve and see tangible results. Currently accepting new clients. 

Session Packages:

Exclusive (30 or 60 mins)

A 1-on-1 training session with my full attention and instruction the entire time. Ideal for clients who want accountability and expert guidance.

Small Groups, with 2-4 people (30 mins)

A group session with up to 4 clients, usually friends, family, or coworkers. Other clients won't be added and clients have my full attention and instruction the entire time. Ideal for clients who want accountability and guidance in a group atmosphere.

Fitness Consulting (30 mins)

A remote approach to designing custom workout programs for clients to perform on their own if they are unable to come into the studio based on location or time constraints. Ideal for clients who want the guidance and expertise of a trainer but may not desire or be able to come into the studio.

Mobile (30 mins)

A workout list that can be completed at home, in your office, or your hotel room.  Ideal for clients who want to be able to do home-type workouts with their body weight. This will also include 1 Exclusive session weekly to reinforce fundamentals. Please fill out the form below ONLY if you are interested in Fitness Consulting or Mobile Workouts. Otherwise, please get in touch directly to review all other services.

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